(current as of 2/6/2012)

Mr. & Mrs Mello 617.797.6618
Stoneham, MA

Mr. & Mrs Keifer 978.774.4909
Danvers, MA
Basement remodel

Mr. & Mrs Rodkey 978.784.4633
Beverly, MA
Two story room addition

The Bioengineering Group 978.741.7537
Salem, MA
Sustainable green office renovations

Mr. & Mrs. White 781.632.9269
Lynn, Ma
Bathrooms in multi family unit.

Kathy Payton, Joanne Suave 978.283.3565
Gloucester, Ma
Skylight, bulkhead, garage slab

Marie Cardillo "Sophias Place" 781.864.3944
Salem, Ma
Exterior door and wall fit ups.

Mr. & Mrs. Belansky 978.475.1696
Andover, Ma
interior wall fit ups, window and door replacements.

Mr. Dan Vooys, "Aldersgate Church": 978.256.1622
Chelmsford, Ma
Egress stairway addition with elevator shaft

Mr. John Sousa "Vanmar, llc" 401.996.9627
Georgetown, Ma
2200 square foot tenant fit up, Steel and dimensional lumber structural beams

Mr. Mark Jacobs 978.887.9098 mhjacobs@MIT.EDU
Topsfield, Ma
Deck, doors and windows, rear entry stairs.

Christine Hamilton "Woodbury House" 508.740.9831
Salem, MA
Repair roof leak and water damage

Horvitz & Frisch
Brian Wall 978.282.2639 ext 121
128 Main St. Gloucester, Ma
Storefronts and sign facades.

Ms. Sue Rothschild 978.468.2413
Hamilton, MA
Garage, kitchen

Mr. Joe Joslin 978.774.8998
Danvers, Ma
skylight cluster

Mr. Dennis Colbert 978.745.9806
Salem, MA
Interior fit up

Mr. & Mrs. Patterson     617.529.0782       
Beverly. Ma   
Kitchen renovation

Mr. & Mrs. Walsh       978.745.2692
Salem, Ma     
Bedroom addition

Mr. Damateo  /  Ms. Lisa Hansen   978.360.8923
Salem, Ma
Frame only bedroom dormer



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